Thermal activated volume reducer which gradually straitghtens the hair for much longer. With a repairing action and hair cuticle sealing. Preventive action against hair fading and yellowing.



Additional Information

Formaldehyde Free
Made in Brazil
Size: 1000 ml ℮ 33.80 Fl.Oz




If dirty or greasy, please wash the hair and dry completely before starting the next steps.



 STEP 1    Apply the product on individual sections, leaving half centimeter from the scalp, using a comb to spread the product thoroughly. Let the product process for 60 minutes on thin or sensitive hair, and for 90 minutes on very curly, thick and resistant hair.


 STEP 2   Once the product has processed, rinse 70% of the product from the hair by using only water. Do not use shampoo. (Note: If the hair is very curly, thick or resistant you can achieve better results by removing only 50% of the product).


 STEP 3    Blow-dry the hair in small sections.


 STEP 4   Flat-iron the hair in thin sections several times (normally 15 times each section). The temperature of the flat iron should be 230ºC (Note: If the hair is sensitive or colored, test the appropriated temperature).



Always use your professional judgment.